Join world renowned scholar and practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine, Edward Neal MD, in a 2-day introduction to the root text of Chinese Medicine, The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (黃帝內經 HuángDìNèiJīng). These two days will be filled with history, theory, and physical application of this revolutionary medical text including palpation, evaluation, and treatment of patients.

Dr. Neal will show how the HuángDìNèiJīng is a book of immense medical value containing ideas that could revolutionize how we practice medicine. He will show how the deep philosophical ideas in the Nèijīng can create powerful changes in patients, communities, and the world.

We highly recommend you take advantage of both days of this master class. Day 2 demonstrations will bring together all the information in the lecture on Day 1. You won’t be disappointed!


Day 1 Introduction to Nèijīng Medicine

  • Overview
  • History of the HuángDìNèiJīng 黃帝內經 ,
  • Theory and application
  • Palpation and regional examination

Day 2 Clinical Master Class

  • Observation of evaluation and treatment of patients

When & Where

10-11 July 2019
(Wednesday and Thursday)

Reidman College
26 Haim Levanon Street
Ramat Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

Attend one or both days


$250 USD per day
$450 USD both days

Students and teachers receive a 25% discount upon registration

Patients will be treated for free during the Day 2 lecture and demonstration workshop.

Questions About the Workshop?

Contact the event host and Director of the TCM school at Reidman College, Adi Fromm at


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